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The village of Charang is sometimes also spelled as Tsarang.


Charang village lies at altitude of approximately 12,000 feet above sea-level on the Tibetan Plateau in the former Kingdom of Mustang, nowadays more often referred to as Upper Mustang.


Charang is a small, traditional village of around 130 homes and just 700 people! Still, our village is the second largest in Mustang.


Just a 2 hour drive from Lo Manthang, our village was once a major stopping place for caravans carrying loads of salt between Tibet and India.


Nowadays Charang is a much quieter and peaceful place of rest and exploration for tourists journeying through Upper Mustang to Lo Manthang either travelling by jeep or trekking.


Despite the challenges and limitations of life in a "high altitude desert", agriculture is the main source of activity and income for our village. In this arid, high altitude land precious little grows, yet Charang has a series of cultivated, terraced fields and ingeniously irrigated and the resultant "greenery" of a desert oasis.


The people of our village are exceptionally friendly and hospitable and visitors are indeed most welcome to discover and explore Charang.


We are proud to maintain our authentic Tibetan Buddhist way of life and our spectacularly located village remains "typically Mustang" in character.


Our homes are "Mustang style". A maze of narrow stone flagged alleyways and whitewashed mud and stone houses with flat timber topped roofs that blend with the brown, ochre, yellow wind eroded cliffs and mountains that surround the village.


Brightly coloured prayer flags wafting on the breeze, Tibetan Buddhist Chortens, Mani (prayer) walls and more all add to the flavour and peaceful atmosphere of Charang.

For any further information about Charang please contact : [email protected]

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