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Charang is a village in the Upper Musdtang region of Nepal

By majikwolf, Aug 6 2019 09:56AM

Our fundraising efforts for the school at Charang are going through the roof!

Or rather we should say are helping repair the roof.

We've now raised enough to repair the roof and get a new door and window too.

But, there's still more to be done.

Now we need some money to buy the 20,000 bricks needed.

If you'd like to help, then you can make a donation at our JUST GIVING page

Thank you!

By majikwolf, Jul 2 2019 10:12AM

Eileen Hewson has visited Charang a couple of times recently and has launched a Just Giving fund raising campaign for the village school in Charang.


High up in the remote Himalayas lies Charang village in the "forbidden" Kingdom of Mustang Nepal. Formerly a restricted region due to its proximity to Tibet, the only access was by foot or pony, now it has a "road" which was opened 2015. To get to Charang it takes many days either trekking or by jeep from Pokhara even if you take some of the short cuts, by flying short distances to Pokhara and Jomsom, be prepared, they are subject to weather, making the journey unpredictable.

On my second visit to the village in 2019, I went to the village school, catering for children aged from 5 to about 14. It teaches arithmetic, reading, writing, English and Nepali alphabets. There are no blackboards, books, desks and chairs. In fact I could not see any facilities whatsoever. Fortunately, I had taken some small gifts of exercise books, children's books, pens, sweet and small dolls. The buildings surrounding a small playground are made of mud and stones and with the onset of climate change, there has been more rain and repairs are urgently needed. Seeing the plight of the school, I have offered to try and raise some funding for repairs to the roof of the main building and other things.

The school has been badly neglected, because of the difficulty of access and the cost of the Government permit at $500 for ten days, it has been ignored by NGOs who flood other parts of Nepal. The money from government funding is minimal. A donation of a few coins would make so much difference to these delightful children lives. A dry classroom is just a start.

If you would like to help the village scholl in Charang build a new and much needed roof visit the JUST GIVING PAGE to donate

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