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Charang Village School

We have around 15 pupils between the ages of 4 to 11 studying Nepali, maths, writing, reading and English (to some degree).


Sadly our school has no blackboards, no desks, no pictures on the walls, no books, just some rough desks and benches and we are sad to say is in a poor state of repair. But with some help from friends of Charang we think that things are going to get better!


But, please don't let this put you off visiting. What we lack we more than make up for with our welcome. You'll find the children (and the teachers) exceptionally hospitable, cheerful and a lot of fun too.


Indeed, if you do visit us we would readily welcome any pens, exercise books, colouring books etc

Support Charang School

Even if you never visit Charang and the amazing Mustang region of Nepal (although we hope you will), you can still support the Charang School!



Every little helps! Through the help of our wonderful friend Eileen Hewson you can make a donation large or small ONLINE with JUST GIVING.



Maybe your own local school would like to become involved in some way with our school? If so, then we would very much like to hear from you.



Because communications can be problematic for us up here in Mustang if you'd like to be more involved with Charang School, it's best if you contact our friend Eileen Hewson. See below for Eileen's contact details.



Although the village now has Internet access (primarily for tourists), sadly for us it is presently cost prohibitive to use

For any further information about Charang or our schools please contact Eileen Hewson directly at: [email protected]

Donate to Chrang School with Just Giving

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Eileen Hewson and some of the pupils at Charang Village School, Mustang, Nepal Children at Charang School, Mustang, Nepal Class room at Charang School, Mustang, Nepal Class room at Charang School, Mustang, Nepal